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Confusion Corner Bar and Grill


Neighbourhood: Little Italy/Corydon
500 Corydon Ave
Phone: 204-284-6666

Confusion Corner Bar and Grill is a catchall where Corydon Avenue’s stroll meets Osborne Village’s strip. What’s striking about this restaurant is its diner diversity. A quick scan of clientele reveals sports fans, multi-generation families, sangria-sipping sun worshippers and date-night duos; all content customers.

From its outset in 2005, this locally owned spot implemented the model of successful chain restaurants, offering a sleek environment filled with flat screens, pop music and an energetic young staff. A cedar-scented rooftop patio makes it one of the hottest happy hour corners in the city and boasts a retractable roof that curtails the impact of showers.

Familiar foods are re-imagined with global perspective; popular tastes and techniques lifted from myriad cultures and applied to comfort food staples. Crisp crust pizza gets tricked-out with a dose of black bean sauce and tangy pulled pork. Piquant silky mango coulis ties tastes together, highlights crisp notes of green and red bell pepper.

Old reliable macaroni and cheese also takes on Southern flavour in a jambalya rendition that sees a generous amount of smoky pork sausage and brawny beef brisket in zesty, saucy cheese goodness and topped with a trio of juicy prawns.

The menu, smartly designed to please, with a roster of popular contemporary offerings such as grilled salmon, barbeque pork ribs and pan-seared tuna, delivered in a way that surpasses expectations. Standard dishes merit a second bite here, graced by stunning housemade condiments. From appetizer through to dessert the kitchen dazzles where sauce is concerned.

For a clever, quick hit of comfort food sans lingering lethargy savoury-meets-sweet grilled cheese sammies are sliced small for dipping. Mozzarella and cheddar ooze around crispy back bacon and peppery arugula offset by the sugary tang of strawberry tomato jam.

Hot wings hit the mark. Deep-fried, lip-tingling sauce-tossed spicy snacks highlight the hen’s best feature; crispy skin. This pretty plate has architectural appeal and minimizes mess with wings arranged on intersecting skewers.

Desserts are made in house and are worth trying. Apple cinnamon strudel offers all the warmth and comfort of apple pie drizzled with a apple caramel sauce that perfectly balances tart and sweet.


Since opening in the early noughties, Confusion Corner Food and Drinks (formerly Bar and Grill) has established itself as a cozy neighbourhood favourite, serving crowd-pleasing food with global perspective. Now nearly…

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