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Le Garage Review

Le Garage

Neighbourhood: St Boniface
Address: 166 Provencher Blvd
Phone: 204-237-0737
Entrées: $11.50-$26

St. Boniface is undoubtedly a must-visit for historic, trend-setting and culinary treasures, and when it comes to classic French-Canadian fare, Le Garage is the hidden gem of the trove.

This blink-and-you’ll-miss-it café is one of Winnipeg’s musical hotspots, wedged in amongst Provencher’s variety of bustling businesses. Musical influence is clear, with portraits of lyrical legends hanging on every wall. Themed music nights consume the entire week with karaoke, open mics and local acts providing something for all tastes.

When it comes to tastes on the plate, the menu is even more diverse. French staples satisfy without a fault, but rest assured that this menu covers everything from salads and sandwiches to pasta and pork tenderloin.

Start off with a colourful spread that’s perfect for social sharing: the crab dip appetizer. Shellfish flavours reign alongside pungent notes of onion, garlic and melted cheese. Bright colours maintain center stage in the tour d’aubergines, which translates to “eggplant tower.” The stack of vibrant veggies oozes in housemade tomato sauce and sings with the sweet tanginess of a balsamic glaze, which the bottom-layer of polenta soaks up nicely. Slices of cornmeal-crusted eggplant add some contrasting crunch to this vegetarian chef-d’oeuvre.

Housemade ravioli swims in a seared fennel mascarpone sparkling rosé sauce that elevates classic pasta flavours. Delicate dumplings are filled to capacity with mouthwatering lobster and crab.

Even with a revamped menu, full of exciting new concoctions, classic French-Canadian selections have stood the test of time. Poutine helpings are generous. Housemade gravy has the perfect balance of saltiness and meaty flavour, an established quality that the house French onion soup shares. Break through the top layer of melted Swiss to scoop up a rich dark broth that ranks among the city’s best.

The smoked peach chicken burger diverges from tradition.Grilled chicken breasts are flawlessly cooked, charred and crisp on the edges but juicy and tender throughout. Smoked slices of peach compliment the savoury notes of housemade aioli, all sandwiched inside a fluffy brioche.

Whether it’s for lunch, dinner or some late night eats from its after-dark menu, a visit to Le Garage is a scrumptious gathering amongst friends.