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Lovey’s BBQ Review


Neighbourhood: St. Boniface
Address: 2-208 Marion St
Phone: 204-233-7427
Entrees: $7-$30

True barbeque joints are few and far between in Winnipeg. Fortunately, for those craving some good meat eating, there’s Lovey’s BBQ. This classic diner-meets-roadhouse has been serving deep south cooking to true northerners since 2008.

A woodsy aroma of campfire smoke permeates the room, a signal to barbeque fiends they’ve come to the right place. A casual interior accented with country charm is the perfect spot for diving into a basket of ribs. Corrugated sheet metal walls and rough wood paneling accent checkerboard flooring, and chalkboard menus list ribs, burgers and wings galore. Mosey over to the counter to order, then lean back and listen to the golden oldies while sipping on a tall glass of sweet tea.

Before being dished out for cooking connoisseurs, proteins are loaded on a wood-fire grill, then smoked low and slow at 225 degrees Fahrenheit for hours on end. A massive array of saucy goodness features your choice of favourites served with matching accompaniments.

Brisket, thinly sliced, is ultra moist and tender. Tangy sauce delivers just a hint of sweet heat. Burnt ends, made from the remnants after brisket is sliced, are cooked again until deeply charred, rich and buttery. Tear through a crispy, caramelized coating to reveal ribs’ tender flesh, partially pink from smoke. Subtle smokiness accentuates the seasoning that clings to wings’ slick, crunchy exterior.

Order these tasty treats by the plate or pound, or enjoy them in sandwich form – either choice is a wise one. The “Uncle Porky’s” sandwich is better than the sloppiest of Joes: sweetly sauced minced pork and beef spill out from a fluffy bun. Banana peppers add sneaky spice, cooled by a layer of creamy coleslaw.

While dining solely on pigs, cows and chickens is A-OK in these parts, spectacular sides are equally delicious. Scratch-made sauces, skin-on fries, ‘slaw and tater salad are whipped up daily, the stuff of picture-perfect down-home country cooking. Creamy coleslaw adds cool crunch layered in ‘wiches, slabs of cornbread crumble into sweet bites and potato salad, lightly dressed and seasoned, provides a delightful counterpoint to a meat-heavy menu.

When it comes to laid-back eateries that exalt carnivory, Lovey’s BBQ is the belle of the ball.


Some of the city’s best barbeque in a strip-mall location in the city’s French Quarter. Behind the scenes, a massive state-of-the-art smoker cooks brisket, pork shoulder, and chicken wings low…

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