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La Fiesta Cafecito Review

La Fiesta Cafecito Review

Neighbourhood:  St. Vital
Address:  730 St Anne’s Rd unit M
Phone:  204-257-7108
Entrees:  $8-$20

Dining aficionados across the world know that sometimes the best culinary experiences can be found in the tucked away, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it spots; the hidden gems filled with long-time loyalists who will happily make menu recommendations to newcomers. This is exactly the experience that’s in store at La Fiesta Cafecito—one of Winnipeg’s must-visits for authentic Latin cuisine.

A taste bud trip to El Salvador is just around the corner off St. Anne’s Road, where, from the first step inside, there’s no shortage of the beautiful colours and flavours of South America. Smell the spice and taste the warmth of classic Latin dishes cooking from behind the clay tiled-roof kitchen. Cheesy enchiladas, stuffed burritos and fluffy tamales are just some of the favourites on this menu—so it’s wise to visit with friends who are up for sharing a spread.

Start off the meal with a glass of house-made fruit juice. Flavours like strawberry-kiwi and lemonade will be on rotation, and rest assured that each variety tastes as refreshing and vibrant as the next.

With this palate cleanser in hand, head over to the appetizers page for options like corn husk-wrapped tamales and camarones al ajillo—a succulent spread of juicy, marinated shrimp served with the signature house rice and a warm corn flour tortilla. With a side of fresh greens and a bowl of the house tortilla soup, this dish hits all the flavour notes one looks for in South American cuisine: warm cumin, spicy peppercorns, and citrusy coriander.

Yuca frita served with a mound of chicharrones delivers impeccable crunch. Deep fried cassava (a starchy South American root vegetable), golden and crisped to perfection, is served alongside the house coleslaw, salad, and shavings of fried pork. 

Plates of warm, aromatic pupusas are excellent for sharing. The El Salvadoran treat is made by stuffing disks of corn-based dough with fillings and frying. The chipotle jalapeño variety oozes with cheese and is perfect for those who enjoy some mild heat.

A soft enchilada stuffed with juicy chicken is a satiating option. This massive medley of zesty chicken breast, lettuce, diced tomatoes, and mixed greens is topped with guacamole, mixed cheeses, onion and sour cream—all comfortably wrapped in a chewy, soft tortilla. Big enough to feed two with its accompanying soup or salad, the dish delivers the carby, cheesy comfort and fresh, healthful veg all at once.

This balance, in fact, is something South American cuisine has perfected, and it just might be the key to La Fiesta Cafecito’s success. Take a bite of a crisp quesadilla, oozing cheese, and order another fresh-squeezed juice—you’ll see what we mean.


The tastes of El Salvador are found inside a South End strip mall spot. The bright room festooned with vacation‑inspired decor and friendly service set the stage for a transportive…

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