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Bothwell Cheese

Designer Cheese

Southern Manitoba’s fromage gurus unveil the latest in their stellar lineup of gourmet artisanal cheeses this fall

Lovers of good wine and cheese can put away their glasses. Manitoba’s Bothwell Cheese has everything in one cube of red wine cheddar since partnering up with Quails’ Gate Winery, one of Canada’s finest labels.

Bothwell produces more than 15,000 kg of cheese per day, creating exciting flavour varieties like black truffle, maple smoked old cheddar, Madagascar green peppercorn and more.

Bothwell representatives feel strongly about making cheese with fresh and local ingredients, sourcing 98% of their ingredients from within 100km. From packaged SqueaK’rs curds to classic old cheddar, Bothwell is proud of all its cheeses. Creating high-quality products that are free of additives, fillers and modified milk ingredients is what Bothwell is all about.

For a full list of nationwide retailers, visit bothwellcheese.ca.