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Nature’s Farm

Noodles Naturali

Manitoba-made pasta uses egg-cellent ingredients.

Nature’s Farm

The words fettuccine, tortellini and linguine typically conjure up images of sun-drenched hills in Tuscany or romantic meals on the piazza. But pasta is being made here in our province using the same time-honoured traditions found in Italy.

Owner Hermann Grauer and his wife Sheryl, founded Nature’s Farm in 1987. The couple wanted to create healthy, natural products, while promoting ecological stability. Nature’s Farm is the first dried pasta product in North American to use a totally compostable package, made from cellulose. Grauer’s passion for innovation is evident in a wide range of pasta items, with a new flavour developed each season. Wild garlic linguine, spiced pumpkin pappardelle and cocoa chili fettuccine have been some of the notable favourites.

For more information on products, visit www.naturesfarm.ca.