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Entrepreneurial Adventures 

Gorp staff photo courtesy of Colleen Dyck
Colleen Dyck (far left) finishes a muddy adventure with the staff of GORP clean energy bars.

A Winnipeg farmer ventures into the energy bar industry

Packaging Bar - Cocoa Hemp AlmondOn a quest to find something easy and nutritious for her adventurous lifestyle, Colleen Dyck created the GORP clean energy bar. Refusing to incorporate preservatives, Dyck’s products are made of 100% whole foods and have a shelf life of approximately six months, relatively shorter than that of the average energy bar. What’s more, GORP’s mission incorporates giving back to the world. Ten per cent of the product’s net profits are donated to children’s aid programs and third world hunger initiatives. Find energy bar flavour combinations like peanut butter and apple, cocoa almond and peanut butter raspberry. GORP has also recently developed energy bar ready mix bags.