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Beeproject Apiaries

With 66 per cent of Canada’s total number of bee colonies housed, Manitobans are looking in a new direction to fight the declining bee numbers: urban beekeeping. The vanguards of this movement are Chris and Lindsay Kirouac, owners of Beeproject Apiaries. The couple has paved the way for urban hives being able to reside in Winnipeg.

Honey, of course, is the sweet proof of success for these entrepreneurs. With a gourmand’s selection of blooms to choose from in the city, urban bees produce honey that varies widely in colour and taste. The different “flowerscapes” of Winnipeg translate into honey variations whose hues and flavours reflect the neighbourhood it was grown in. With a much greater range of flora for pollination and less exposure to pesticides than on rural crops, urban beekeeping has proven to be the most effective way to raise a happy, healthy honey bee.

Find their honey at several Winnipeg retail locations such as Barn Hammer Brewing Co, Little Sister Coffee Maker, Parlour Coffee and more.