Best of Winnipeg

5 Best ‘Peg Provisions

While plenty of Winnipeggers are eager for the next new thing, certain odd local loves have complete staying power.

Finger Lickin’ Good

For more than 30 years, the city has been lining up at Mitzi’s Chicken Fingers for, well, chicken fingers, with beloved honey dill sauce. The crispy-coated tenders are such a hit that owner Shirley Eng sends out over 125 pounds every day.

  • 250 St. Mary Ave, 204-943-9770

Quite a Handful

The fat boy, arguably Winnipeg’s signature burger, comes fully loaded with chilli, pickles, onions, mustard and mayo. Find our favourite version of this beefy bombshell at the VJ’s Drive In, which baby boomers may still remember as Junior’s, originator of the fat boy name.

  • 170 Main St, 204-943-2655

Something Sweet

Though ubiquitous beside local coffee house registers, applejacks are a rare find outside Manitoba. Credit for the invention of the gooey, apple-loaded pastry goes to Gunn’s Bakery – the secret recipe is on lockdown, so be sure to stop by for the real deal.

  • 247 Selkirk Ave, 204-582-2364,

Coveted Confection

It may sound more like a sound effect than a piece of cake, but one bite of schmoo torte will convince of the title’s perfection. Dessert institution Baked Expectations has the corner on the schmoo market, serving massive slices of pecan-studded angel food cake doused in fluffy whipped cream and caramel sauce.

  • 161 Osborne St., 204-452-5176,

Sausage Party

A wave of turn-of-the-century immigration injected Easter European flavour into Winnipeg’s north end that never really left. See old country influence at the wide variety of butcher shops in the area which offer Polish, Ukrainian, and German spins on garlic kielbasa (each with a variation in ingredients). Try Tenderloin Meats & Sausage, which has been perfecting its recipe since 1985.

• Tenderloin Meats & Sausage, 1515 Main St., 204-582-2280.