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Miss Browns Review


Neighbourhood: Exchange
Address: 288 William Ave
Phone: 204-615-1161
Entrées: $5-$14

Since 2015, Steve Tyrell and wife Jenny have leveraged their Aussie influence during the rise of all-day breakfast fare. Miss Browns, the hip fast-casual café, hits the niche market with top-notch oak-smoked meats – brisket, ham, salmon, and pulled pork – that have a phenomenal woodsy flavour while remaining tender and rich.

A recent switch has traded short-counter ordering for full-table service. The open contemporary layout mixes exposed brick walls, white and black tile, and handmade wooden accents adding character to café decor. Diners are invited to sit side-by-side bar-style, at a larger more communal table, or at smaller tables ideal for two.

Die-hard Benny fans delight in delicious options;  but venture down the mushroom skillet route and be rewarded with sautéed mushrooms, two medium poached eggs hidden in delicately seasoned and shredded potato crisps, arriving in a small cast iron pan.

Brunch aficionados will proclaim Miss B’s smoked brisket wins hands-down as its signature dish. Making an impressive entrance in blue clay bowls, chunks of succulent brisket are topped high amid deep-fried hash browns, perfectly spiced aioli and a single fried egg.

The trio of brisket sliders are the triple threat. Double-stacked succulent bites ooze with sauce over soft buns laced with microgreens. Served with a bowl of crunchy kettle chips, it’s best paired with the comforting smoothness of a malted vanilla milkshake, made with Manitoba-made Cornell Creme.

The smoked chicken sandwich is not a typical stack. It stands strong in the lunch arena arriving juiced with creamy aioli and dash of hot sauce, topped with mixed greens, cheddar, and dill pickles on freshly baked Gunn’s ciabatta bun.

For those who prefer gluten-free options, substitute any sandwich item to a perfectly dressed salad. The smoked salmon bagel converts beautifully, replete with all the fixings – a bed of fresh spinach, salty capers, red onions and two smoked salmon roll-ups – with an elegant smear of cream cheese on the inside of the bowl.

Miss Browns is a smokin’ fast-casual  café that will have customers pining for their next visit.