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Winnipeg’s Best Shops for Cultural Treasures

Winnipeg is a multicultural city, and globe-hopping shop owners do their part to find the best far-flung treasures from around the world. Whether searching for gifts that celebrate Manitoba heritage or a one-of-a-kind import, these boutiques are bountiful.

Boutique Du Festival

Shop t-shirts and tank tops adorned with February’s Festival du Voyageur logo at Boutique Du Festival, a St. Boniface shop dedicated to the cultural fest. Traditional sashes which were used to carry belongings during the fur trade era are made by Métis company Étchiboy. There are also souvenir mugs and phone cases, warm scarves and toques, and old school instruments like wooden spoons. 

Location: 233 Provencher Blvd, 204‑237‑7692

Mandarin International

Mandarin International, a gift shop at The Forks, carries a mix of fun finds from the far East and Canadiana souvenirs. Shelves burst with Winnipeg-themed t-shirts and mugs, as well as colourful Chinese fans and chopsticks. Browse the selection of brocade tops, traditional tea sets, and imported goods.

Location: Johnston Terminal at The Forks, main floor, 204‑943‑0383

Oseredok Boutique

Located inside the Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre, Oseredok Boutique showcases the Eastern European nation’s tradition and craft. Linen shirts, called ‘vyshyvanka’, are decorated with hand-embroidered designs symbolizing cultural pride and national hospitality. Also stocks jewellery, art, ceramics, and books in Ukrainian and English.

Location: 184 Alexander Ave E, 204‑942-0218

Winnipeg Trading Post

With its two converging rivers, the area that is now Winnipeg has been a place of meeting and trade for the lands Indigenous peoples for thousands of years. At Winnipeg Trading Post, find traditionally crafted mittens, jewellery, dreamcatchers and star blankets, as well as leather, fur, and crafting supplies. Beautiful handcrafted mukluks and moccasins from local Indigenous artisans are designed for warmth and durability.

Location: 1128 Main St, 204‑947-0513