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Beard & Brawn

Company founder Dan Carriere couldn’t find a facial hair product that was local or without the nasty synthetics commonly used in beard care, so he began mixing up his own chemical-free blends, leading to the inception of Beard & Brawn in 2015. Kyle Von Riesen and Grant Blahey joined as partners shortly after, forming a trio of blue collar guys who make hard working products for hard working men. Dan assures that if they wouldn’t use it, then they don’t sell it. Their small batch beard oil company has since grown into the largest men’s natural grooming company in Manitoba, with a lineup of naturally scented (and nature inspired!) beard oils, wash, aftershaves, creams and balms.


Available at a variety of local retailers, including Blacksmith Parlour and Generation Green.

Visit beardandbrawn.ca for a full list of retailers.