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What’s new in Winnipeg: November 2019

A new spot for noodle-slurping, plant-based dining on West Broadway, and a new line of ethical fashions are just some of the recent additions to Winnipeg's dining and shopping scenes. Below, we round up five of our favourite new opens in the city.

Pho real

Fort Rouge welcomes Purple Noodle Bar, a new slurp-worthy spot with a succinct menu of health-conscious Vietnamese highlights and mod Asian eats. This sleek subterranean space is winning fans with its spicy beef noodle bowl (pictured) and creative starters, like nori-flecked shrimp tempura pancakes and fire-grilled chicken wings.

Location: 667 Stafford St, 204-500-0264

Veggie delight

Roughage Eatery is the latest addition to Winnipeg’s fast-growing vegan food scene, serving a knock-out selection of plant-based sandwiches at its West Broadway locale. All “meats” and “cheeses” are made in house. Try the UnTurkey pesto, packed with turkey-mimicking seitan (made of wheat gluten) smothered in nutty vegan cream cheese.

Location: 126 Sherbrook St, 204-779-8344

Swapping Looks

Lake Life on Academy Road has reopened as Maggie Grace Boutique. After a complete renovation, the cozy cottage interior has been transformed into a bright, modern space. Racks are filled with the same brands sold prior to the revamp, joined now by Thought Clothing and Ziltch.

Location: 440 Academy Rd, 204-256-9875

Fresh Press

Packed with energy-boosting vitamins and minerals, Verde Juice Bar‘s cold-pressed elixirs are the ultimate on-the-run thirst quencher. Juices with fun-lovin’ names like “Lake Life” and “Happy Land” (inspired by a Winnipeg amusement park built in 1906) are now available by the bottle at several retailers across the city, including Thermea, De Luca’s, and Black Market Provisions. Tip: return clean empty bottles for 50 cents off your next purchase.

Locations: 204-615-8733

Slow Fashion

Designer Andreanne Dandeneau’s fashion line Anne Mulaire is now ready to shop at its new third floor boutique in the South Osborne Xchange building. Guided by her Metis heritage and deep respect for the environment, Dandeneau’s designs use sustainably-sourced fabrics to create modern, eco-friendly fashion. All design and production happens on-site at this flagship store/studio.

Location: 421 Mulvey Ave E, 204-231-1433