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Products from Local Shops to Reduce Your Plastic Use

No plastic, no problem! These earth-friendly kitchen alternatives from local stores make kicking your plastic habit easy.

Out with paper towels, in with reusable cloths

Not only are Ecologie Swedish cloths a quick-drying, reusable alternative to paper towels and sponges, they are a super cute addition to your kitchen. Find a variety of fun patterns stocked at Humboldt’s Legacy ($5.99 each).

Meet the new pouch

Durable, lined cloth snack baggies by Colibri are cuter and smarter carriers, available in a variety of fun prints and colours. Pick a snack back to fit your personality at Vita Health ($7.49).

Ditch the plastic wrap

Wax cloth Leabee Wraps are a zero-compromise solution that keep food fresh when stored. Use the warmth of your hands to mold and shape over bowls, creating a seal naturally. These beeswax cloths are available in sets of three at Organic Planet ($21.99).