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5 Products from Local Shops to Reduce Your Plastic Use

No plastic, no problem! These earth-friendly kitchen alternatives from local stores make kicking your plastic habit easy.

Out with paper towels, in with reusable cloths

Not only are Ecologie Swedish cloths a quick-drying, reusable alternative to paper towels and sponges, they are a super cute addition to your kitchen. Find a variety of fun patterns stocked at Humboldt’s Legacy ($5.99 each).

Green to go

Joseph Joseph’s on-the-go cutlery set keeps single-use takeout utensils out of the oceans and landfills. This snappy and durable set is available at Generation Green ($24.99).

Meet the new pouch

Durable, lined cloth snack baggies by Colibri are cuter and smarter carriers, available in a variety of fun prints and colours. Pick a snack back to fit your personality at Vita Health ($7.49).

Ditch the plastic wrap

Wax cloth Leabee Wraps are a zero-compromise solution that keep food fresh when stored. Use the warmth of your hands to mold and shape over bowls, creating a seal naturally. These beeswax cloths are available in sets of three at Organic Planet ($21.99).

A greener grocery trip

Keep cotton mesh produce bags on hand (along with reusable totes of course) because buying healthy shouldn’t have to cost the planet. Find these rustic woven bags in a set of three at June Home Supply ($22).