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8 Sustainable Manitoba-Made Products

We all want to live more sustainably, and community-minded neighbourhood boutiques have the answer. Shop stylish, eco-minded gifts and household items—all made in Manitoba.

Brie's Botanicals

Spring cleaning meats aromatherapy. This multi-purpose cleaner from Brie’s Botanicals swaps harmful additives for fresh-scented essential oils. The biodegradable solution can be used on all surfaces and blends water and Lunova Wellness colloidal silver with grapefruit, thyme and lavender.

Creations by GMA—Fromagerie Bothwell

Creations by GMA converts second-hand sweaters into colourful and cozy knit mittens. Sourced from non-profit thrift stores, one pair can divert as many as four sweaters from the landfill, making these mitts both heart and hand-warming. Available in children and adult sizes. Find at Fromagerie Bothwell for $29.95/pair.

Just the Goods

Earth-care meets self-care with Just the Goods’ line of vegan facial moisturizers. Get a healthy glow knowing these plant-based products are safe to use and eco-conscious, made without petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates or phthalates.

Sarah Sue Design

Sarah Sue Design apparel, made in small batches from eco-friendly fabrics, withstands fast fashion. Discarded or discoloured textiles are rescued, hand-dyed and transformed into exceptional pieces for all ages, shapes and sizes. Visit the Sarah Sue Design Studio for a private shopping experience. Appointment only. Pieces range from $25-250.

SOAK Bath Co—Made Here

SOAK Bath Co’s handmade soap bars are moisturizing, exfoliating, luxuriously fragrant and, best of all, completely waste free. Wrapped in biodegradable seed paper labels that grow into wildflowers, these soap bars make the world a cleaner, more beautiful place. Find at Made Here. $14.

SOL Designs—Forks Trading Company

Secure your S’well bottle with this hands-free option for pedestrians and hikers alike. Trendy, practical and environmentally responsible, water bottle carriers from SOL Designs are created from vegan-friendly eco-felt. Find all twelve colours at The Forks Trading Company. $35.

SoVi Naturals—The Locals

Scrub away all worries with the zero-waste solid dish block from SoVi Naturals. This scent-free soap cuts through grease and grime while eliminating the need for plastic bottles and harsh detergents. Find at The Locals. $8.

Tony Chestnut

Go rags to riches with a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art from Tony Chestnut. Inspired by her great-grandmother’s practice of repurposing fabric scraps into cleaning rags, designer Jill Sawatzky hand-knits colourful sweaters and vests out of leftover and donated materials. Find them online or at the Tony Chestnut Warehouse.