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Best of Le Burger Week 2021

Le Burger Week is celebrating its 10th anniversary and this year, burger-lovers have two whole weeks to try as many specialty burgers from 133 participating Winnipeg restaurants as possible. To start, here’s our list of some of the zaniest, most creative, or most compelling competitors.

1) Waygu Doin’ — Fairmont Hotel (pictured)

2) Chicken Kar-Ramen Burger — Cho Ichi Ramen

3) Cinn City — St James Burger & Chips Co

4) The Local Hero — Chosabi Asian Eatery

5) The Space Jam Burger — Meal Set Bistro

6) The Everything Bagel Burger — Hudson Bagels

7) The King Queso — King & Bannatyne

8) Sabe (Sasquatch) Burger — Feast

9) Brisket n Smoken’ ChzBurger — Famous Dave’s

10) The Sweet Stack Slider — Milksmith