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IGI BBQ & Sushi Bistro Review

IGI BBQ & Sushi Bistro Review

Neighbourhood:  Fort Garry
Address:  1875 Pembina Hwy
Phone:  204-477-9909
Entrees:  $12 – $44

Showing no hint of a slow down, IGI BBQ and Sushi Bistro is drawing in daily crowds with voracious appetites to its communal DIY experience – throwing in big flavour and fun in equal measure. 

This contemporary dining room, and sister eatery of Dee Chan, owner of neighbouring Sun Fortune, is adorned in red and posters of Chinese characters with curious, or perhaps inspirational, words such as wish-thought, addiction-happiness and desire-satisfaction splashed across a feature wall. If your desire is to eat without restraint you will find all-you-can-eat satisfaction here.

A charming staff glides swiftly between tables guiding guests through the ordering process and deftly replacing table top hot grills  between facing diners. The sheer quantity of choices, spanning Japanese-style specialties and proteins, veggies for the Korean grill, can  overwhelm and inspire frenzied over-ordering. Sushi fans will find standard rolls alongside house specialties such as a lovely salmon rose filled with chopped scallop bursting with roe. Appetizer classics: sunomono salad, baked mayo mussels, and barbeque salmon skin display the menu’s staggering ingredients. Lusciously unctuous grilled Hamachi fish clinging to crackling crisp skin is a delightful discovery. 

The iron Korean barbeque grills introduce hands-on fun of selecting, grilling and saucing your own sustenance. Selections of raw foods are delivered in small, stackable trays to be grilled using tongs. Squid and shrimp join the traditional beef brisket and short rib, and discs of zucchini, and other veggies offset the fatty cuts of salted bacon nicely. Play with taste combinations, utilizing a condiment trio of sweet peanut satay sauce, finely grated garlic, and robust, chili-laced Korean barbeque sauce. 

It may take a few tries to score a seat at this sizzling smorgasbord, but for its, ability to please a plethora of palates and conviviality, it is worth the effort. 


It’s all about table top do-it-yourself Korean barbeque at this all-you-can-eat South Winnipeg spot. This 100-plus seat restaurant boasts an extensive menu of barbeque alongside Japanese specialties like sashimi, baked…

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