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Naru Sushi Review

Naru Sushi

Neighbourhood: Osborne Village
159 Osborne St
Phone: 204-888-0028
Entrees: $4.50-$18

You’d be hard-pressed to find the selection at Naru Sushi among traditional Japanese fare. Under Korean ownership and located in the heart of the prairies, Naru is a world away from the origins of that bite-sized vehicle for rice and fish. Here, showy concoctions are baked, fried, scorched, or slathered in cheese, representing the best of both fusion and excess.

The considerable menu is a journey into the labyrinth of imagination. Signature dishes like the Blue Mountain roll, punctuated by blueberries, offer a touch of whimsy. Others, like the Red Scorpion, are a lesson in decadence. Loaded with breaded and fried lobster, the roll is presented alongside a hollowed-out lobster tail, drizzled in sauce, and peppered with red fish roe. Inventive interpretations carry over to vegetarian rolls, including the Sweet Pepper roll, a medley of peppers and cream cheese, deep-fried to perfection. Somehow, despite the appearance of seemingly bizarre combinations—such as baked rolls topped with mozzarella cheese, or peanut butter and bacon as favoured by The King— selections rarely seem gimmicky. Instead, the menu is a foray into fancy and a departure from the ubiquitous sushi found around every corner. Though prices reflect the extravagance on the plate, don’t expect to leave hungry. It’s offers are an emblem of indulgence and new-world fusion, beckoning seductively.