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Fusian Experience Review

Fusion Experience

Neighbourhood: Academy Rd
Address: 612 Academy Rd
Phone: 204-691-9334
Entrées: $10-$40

Fusian Experience crushes the influx of sushi joints popping up in the city. Artful dishes are executed with quality and creativity by seasoned pros.

There’s no flashy exterior, but the tiny restaurant on Academy Road is dressed in chic décor. An inventive selection of fanciful creations delivers seafood stunners and raw marvels.

An impressive tapas menu covers the spectrum of experimental flavours. Start with panko-crusted spicy tiger garlic shrimp, topped with slivers of green onion that cool each bite. Adventurous diners should opt for the torched whelks. Cucumber, onion and kicky cilantro play off of a luxurious sesame sauce that perfectly coats pea-sized pieces of whelk.

Knockout sushi sliders use Wagyu of the highest quality ranking (A5) and a marbling level of 9-10, resulting in buttery patties sandwiched between sushi rice, with avocado and tomkatsu aioli offering a bright bite. Miso glazed cod pasta epitomizes fusion with chunks of fish and spaghetti noodles laquered in miso sauce. New style sashimi is a must-try; tender salmon floating in warm yuzu olive oil exemplifies this spot’s consistent quality and immaculate style.