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Sukhothai Review


Neighbourhood: Osborne
Address: 191 Osborne St
Phone: 204-633-6907
Entrées: $11-$17

Sukhothai came on the scene about 20 years ago, thanks to a family that wanted to bring their ancestral home recipes to share with Winnipeg diners. Yet, the vibe is a contemporary one, with décor and service both up to today’s standards. Whether diners crave traditional Thai or want something new, Sukhothai is well-equipped for both.

The cooking is unabashedly spicy, an exciting experiment for those eager to experience true Thai piquancy profiles. The spice level of each dish ranges from 0-10. While traditional spices enhance the gusto of a dish, bear in mind that the western definition of spicy is often milder than that of eastern cuisine.

Stuffed chicken wings are sure to surprise. Appearing as typical fried drumsticks at first glance, one bite reveals a stuffing of seasoned ground chicken breast, silver noodles and herbs. The tender meat pulls effortlessly off the bone, its savour amplified by the sweet and spicy peanut dipping sauce. For a more traditional starter, Tod Mun Pra packs  the flavour. Ground basa is mixed with lime leaves and other Thai seasonings, formed into small cakes and deep-fried for a starter that wakes up the taste buds.

Yum Yai salad meshes Thai tastes together in a meal that is boldly flavoured yet easy on the waistline. Tender pieces of shrimp, squid and chicken are scattered throughout sliced onions and carrots on a bed of shredded lettuce and chopped herbs, topped with a fried egg. Chile-lime dressing adds zest and heat while peanuts provide the crunch factor.

Spicy, sweet and sour blend impeccably in Pra Som Rot, a seafood stir-fry with a mix of vegetables including bamboo shoots, a traditional Thai ingredient. The salmon’s delicate flavour pairs perfectly with the authentically spiced sauce. A side of sweet coconut rice provides a way to soak up the extra sauce, which cannot be left behind.

For dessert, crispy spring rolls —drizzled with honey and filled with hot banana slices that ooze out upon first bite—hit all the right notes.


The comfortable, modern interior is a good counterpoint to classic Thai cuisine at this Osborne Village spot. Signature matsaman and red and green curries keep fans returning. Substantial selection of…

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