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Bursting with Winnipeg pride—and the hip, handmade products to back it up—The Locals’ stores offers a curated selection of Manitoba-made food and drinks, jewellery, lotions, soaps and decor. Browse the…

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This 23,000-square foot Japanese variety shop stocks more than 25,000 different trending products, from ceramics and stationery to cosmetics and specialty snacks. Find a colourful wall of packaged ramen, unusual…

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Upscale spa, salon and boutique is a perfect one-stop-shop. Salon will wash, dry and style hair for any occasion. Spa offers facials, sugaring and massage. Carries a beautiful selection of…

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Hand it to this elegant downtown spot to provide the modern man’s answer to great grooming. With services for men like nail treatments and facial massages, this spot is a…

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This downtown luxury day spa offers treatments like facials, mani-pedis, and hot stone massages. A go-to place for pampering since 1965. Those seeking a sun-kissed look without the risk of…

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The Prep Hair empire debuts its newest offshoot, Prep Collective, a boutique, coffee bar and salon hybrid nestled in River Heights. Sun pours into the stunning retail space which thoughtfully…

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