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Pho Bo – Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup

Chef/Owner Tom Hoang


Pho is a popular staple in Vietnam. Spices that flavour the broth reveal the specific region influencing each bowl. Star anise, for example, is a favoured addition for cooks from Lang Son. Owner Tom Hoang admits this family recipe his grandmother made is even better with Manitoba’s high-quality beef.

Pho Broth
5-6 lbs beef soup bones (marrow and knuckles)
3 lbs ox tail
5 shallots
4” piece ginger
5 whole star anise
4 whole cloves
1 cinnamon stick
1 Tbsp whole coriander seeds
3 cardamom pods
1 1/2 Tbsp sea salt
4 Tbsp fish sauce
3 Tbsp yellow rock sugar

Inside the Bowl
3-4 bags dried rice noodles (2-3 servings per bag)
1 1/2 lbs raw eye of round steak, thinly sliced across the grain (freeze for 15 minutes to make it easier to slice)
1 small yellow onion, thinly sliced
4 scallion, cut into thin rings
1/3 cup cilantro, chopped

1/2 cup bean sprout
Thai basil, handful
lime wedge
Thai bird’s eye chile or jalapeno, sliced
Hoison sauce, sriracha

Pho Broth

  1. Char the shallots and ginger on an open grill or gas stove to let skin burn. After 6-8 minutes, they will soften and become sweetly fragrant.
  2. Remove charred skin under warm water. Set aside.
  3. In a saucepan, heat the star anise, cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and coriander seeds over medium-high heat for about 3 minutes until fragrant.
  4. Place beef soup bones in a 12 quart or bigger stock pot and cover with cold water. Over high heat, bring to boil. Boil vigorously 2 to 3 minutes to allow impurities to be released. Strain the bones, pouring out the water. Rinse bones with warm water.
  5. Add bones back into stockpot with 8 quarts of water. Add roasted ginger, shallot and all the spices. On high heat bring to boil, then lower flame to gently simmer for about 8 hours.
  6. Adjust flavour with salt, rock sugar and fish sauce.


  1. Cook the noodles according to the package.
  2. Strain.
  3. In strainer rinse the noodles with cold water.


  1. Portion desired amount of noodles for each bowl.
  2. Portion the sliced rare steak for each bowl.
  3. Top each bowl with sliced onion, scallion and cilantro.
  4. Ladle the hot broth into the serving bowls. The heat will cook the meat right in the bowls.
  5. Top each bowl with garnishes. Finish with a squeeze of lime.
  6. Add hoison sauce and sriracha if desired.

Yield approx. 12 servings