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BBQ Hut Pakistani Grill Review

BBQ Hut Pakistani Grill

Neighbourhood: West End
Address: 435 Notre Dame Ave
Phone: 204-221-4144
Entrées: $5-$34

Pakistani cuisine is characterized by its bold spices, flavourful cuts and, perhaps most importantly, traditional cooking methods. BBQ Hut Pakistani Grill has quickly gained a following since igniting its grills in the city’s eclectic West End July 2018. Hot chiles, juicy chops and savoury stews are commonplace on this restaurant’s meat-forward menu of regional favourites.

Kebabs are invaluable to Pakistan’s food culture, dating back to a time when meat was speared on swords and cooked over a blazing fire. The skewers used here are long, saber-like rods. Rows of chicken, beef, mutton and lamb are impaled and cooked over grills before being delivered on sizzling skillets.

Pieces of tender chicken are imbued with smoky char from a stint over the blazing grill and served atop a pile of sweet onion. This veg offers a crisp counterpoint to the punchy heat of red chilli paste and garam masala used to season the tandoori boti. Gamey ground lamb kebabs, hinting of clove and coriander, are ultra-juicy from a long soak in a cream marinade.

Another staple in the kitchen is the kadahi, a deep iron wok used to cook luscious stews. Puffed and buttery house-made naan is quickly deemed a must for sopping up the juices.

While meatless plates are rare at BBQ huts, this locale’s paneer is a stellar option. Soft cubes of house-made cheese bathe in a bright tomato sauce. Long chile slices add vibrant pops of green and a fiery kick.

Or, go for meaty and mighty. Mutton is stewed and served bone-in, suffusing richness into an earthy gravy so good, another helping of bread may be in order to swipe every drop.

Finish with kulfi, a Pakistani ice cream. Made from sweetened evaporated milk, it’s dense, creamy and a perfect summer treat.

BBQ Hut Pakistani Grill is open Mon-Thu 11 am-9 pm, Fri & Sat 11 am-11 pm and Sun 11 am-8 pm.


BBQ Hut Pakistani Grill ignites its grills in the city’s eclectic West End. Hot chiles, juicy chops and savoury stews are commonplace on this restaurant’s meat-forward menu of Pakistani favourites.…

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