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Comforting Dumpling Recipes from Winnipeg Chefs

Winnipeg loves dumplings, from the ubiquitous perogy to global offerings like gyoza, wontons and empanadas. When you can’t get out to your favourite restaurant, bring restaurant-style dumplings to you with these recipes from the city’s best chefs.


The classic! This no-frills basic perogy recipe, loaded with cheddar and garnished with bacon, comes from the late Chef Don Keith, of the (sadly) closed Alycia’s. At the time, the perogy masters there were making 1,000 dumplings a day.


Mushroom Perogies

The ultimate comfort food, these perogies from Pineridge Hollow balance an earthy mushroom filling with a ragout of sweet onions and a tangy, creamy dill sauce



These steak and chimichurri-stuffed dough pockets from La Pampa chef/owner Alfonso Maury are the ultimate pick for project cooking. While there are several components, they’re simple to make and leave you with a batch of delicious empanadas that can be tossed in the freezer for later (if they last long enough!)


White Truffle Perogies

Peasant food meets haute cuisine in this perogy recipe from chef Lorna Murdoch of Fusion Grill, scented with a heavenly splash of funky white truffle oil. 


Pan Fried Pork Dumplings

A classic dim sum dish, these crispy dumplings represent good fortune and prosperity. In this recipe from Logan Corner Restaurant, dumplings are wrapped, steamed, and then pan-fried until crispy.


Shrimp Spinach Dumplings

This light dumpling from dim sum favourite Kum Koon Garden packs in healthful ingredients like seafood and spinach.


Wonton Soup

This recipe from chef Jimmy Sayavoung of Boun’s Restaurant is great for big batch cooking. Save some filled wontons in the freezer for later and let the rest swim in a rich broth scented with roasted garlic.


Crispy Prawn Dumplings in Shiso Leaf

Chef Mandel Hitzer, the force behind deer + almond, wraps these prawn dumplings in shiso leaf–a Japanese herb in the mint family–before deep frying. 


Blueberry Perogies

Our favourite pillowy dough pockets, with a twist: this sweet dessert version, a Ciao! Magazine recipe, uses local blueberries as filling.