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17 Veggie-licious Dishes

Plant-based diets are on the rise, and we get the hype. Veggies are sustainable and Winnipeg's chefs are heightening their appeal!

Navratan Korma (East India Company)

East India Company’s signature navratan korma mixes a medley of nine vegetables in ginger-garlic cream gravy to wow meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. Rich and nutritious, korma is Chef Nitin’s ultimate comfort food.

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Falafel Plate (Falafel Place)

Chef Ami’s mixture of herbs and spices gives this recipe its robust flavour. Make a lighter version by baking instead of frying the eggplant and falafel and serve on a mixed green salad with hummus, hot sauce and pita bread. 

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“Meatless” Loaf (Hy’s Steakhouse)

An unexpected mix of veggies, walnuts, tofu and oats results in a hearty and savoury version of a timeless classic.

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Vegan Sandwich (Marion Street Eatery)

Vegan sandwich options can be an afterthought, but at Marion Street Eatery, this delicious sammy takes centre stage. Veggies and protein-packed nut spread get wedged between slices of Winnipeg’s own City Bread.

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Kohlrabi Dumplings (The Oxbow)

Kohlrabi is a versatile vegetable from the cabbage family that pairs well with earthy goat cheese, yogurt poppyseed dressing and tart green apple. Chef Andrew credits his sous chef Jesse Hardie for this creative interpretation of dumplings. 

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Buffalo Tofu Steam Bun (The Roost)

Chef Zac’s love of hot wings prompted this plant-based bar snack featuring fried tofu tossed in spicy, creamy sauces. Steamed buns are a staple at The Roost, providing a fluffy pocket for rich flavours and crunchy textures. 

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Vegetarian Cassoulet (Diversity Food Services)

Cooked beans and lentils pack this hearty cassoulet with protein power.

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Mushroom Perogies (Pineridge Hollow)

Mushroom perogies take a familiar dish into fresh territory. Earthy mushrooms, sugary onions and mayo-laden sour cream push our palates to appreciate the unexpected.

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Spanikopita (Homer’s Restaurant)

Stuffed into a flaky, buttery envelope, cheese and spinach meld together, transforming bitter leafy greens into a decadent snack. Homer’s recipe emphasizes dill and mint, the generous use of these herbs brightening the spinach filling and adding layers of potent flavour.

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Kale and Sweet Potato Salad (Confusion Corner Drinks + Food)

This multi-component signature salad offers an opportunity to try this at home. It spotlights the fresh summer flavours of garden greens and smokey flavour of the maple vinaigrette. 

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Mushroom Khinkali (Saperavi)

Georgian cuisine is characterized by exciting dishes influenced by Greece, the Mediterranean, Turkey and travelers moving along the Euroasian trade routes.  Khinkali exemplifies an exciting flavour merger of eastern and western cooking. 

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Cannelloni di Ricotta (Pasquale’s)

Featured cannelloni is a go-to comfort dish equally perfect for week night dining and special occasions. 

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Beet Bowl (Resto at Thermea)

This hearty dish uses beet four ways,  including powdered. One XL bowl makes a festive and colourful starter for four.

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The Grove

The Grove, known for its elegantly plated British pub fare, also offers a quinoa salad that is simply too good to be a side. Sweetly satisfying, this dish comes with sour cherry and pistachio crumble, and is rounded out by cucumber, tomato and red pepper dressed in a lemon garlic vinaigrette.

Stella's Cafe and Bakery

Unlock the flavours of nature’s bounty with a dragon bowl from Stella’s Cafe and Bakery. This dish is heaping with heart-healthy ingredients like eggplant, mushrooms, red peppers, and cabbage bathed in a spicy sauce.


Verde Juice Bar

One of the best ways to get your greens is along with a healthy dose of natural sugars! The raw spinach 887 smoothie from Verde is sweetened by a blend of mango, pineapple and the dense, caramel impact of just one date.

Yafa Café

Middle Eastern eateries like Yafa Café are a primo spot for healthy and inspired vegetarian options. Try the veggie za’atar, a chewy baked flatbread smeared with tomato paste and sprinkled with thyme, marjoram, sumac and sesame, finished with a topping of fresh slices of cucumber, tomato, radish and mint.