Best List, What To Eat & Where To Eat It

Eat well and feel good with these 5 health-boosting recipes

With physical distancing measures in place, we’re relying on pantry staples and sparing grocery runs. But that doesn’t mean waving goodbye to healthy eating. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite recipes from Winnipeg chefs to keep you feeling good with simple ingredients.

Anti-inflammatory shot

Turn root veggies from your crisper drawer into a shot of energy. This healthful boost from Verde Juice Bar is a blend of anti-inflammatory turmeric, ginger, carrot and lemon.


Kinpira gobo

Burdock root, high in fibre and antioxidants, is the basis for this Japanese dish served at Yujiro. Chef Edward Lam’s recipe mixes healthful veggies with a dressing of aromatic sesame oil.


Aloo bronte

Sneak a full dose of greens into your meal by mixing spinach into this delicious curry dish. This simple recipe for a filling vegetarian curry comes from Le Garage Cafe.


Spinach goma ae

Prairie pioneer of Japanese cuisine and former chef at Yujiro Masa Sugita is the source for this goma ae recipe that swaps seaweed for easy-to-find spinach. Get your daily dose of iron with this salad dressed with a hint of sweetness and a sprinkling of sesame.


Supreme greens juice

This recipe for a healthful green juice from Green Carrot Juice Co is more herbaceous than sweet, with a pile of greens, a fresh cucumber and a handful of cilantro.