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6 Simple Recipes with 5 Ingredients or Less

When the pantry's running low, these recipes from Winnipeg chefs prove quality trumps quantity. From an energy-imbuing juice to filling entrees and sweet dessert, these recipes have only five or fewer ingredients.


This simple hummus recipe from the now-closed Underground Cafe beats storebought every time. Canned chickpeas get jazzed up with fresh garlic juice, lemon and salt. To take your snack to the next level, follow the recipe to turn pitas into garlicky chips dusted with paprika.


'Wake Me Up' Juice

Start your day with this recipe from Green Carrot Juice Co and you’ll be bouncing with energy. A simple blend of apples, lemon and ginger, this bright, zingy juice will put pep in your step.


Asparagus Goma Ae

This twist on goma ae (seaweed salad) from contemporary sushi spot Wasabi tops crisp-tender spring asparagus with an umami-packed dressing of sesame, soy, and dashi, a Japanese stock.


Bean Pupusas

Humble ingredients, corn flour, water and beans, transform into savoury, filling El Salvadorean pupusas in this recipe from La Fiesta Cafecito (closed in 2022). The filled dough pockets come together and cook quickly, making for an impressive presentation with minimal effort.


Stracciatella Soup

This soothing, traditional Italian soup is made with only three ingredients: chicken stock, eggs, and Parmigiano-Reggiano. This recipe from Spuntino Cafe (now closed) takes mere minutes to prepare and results in an aromatic, comforting broth, best served with crusty bread.


Strawberry Sorbet

Inspired by the fresh berries that pop up in Manitoba fields in the summer months, this dessert from prairie cuisine pioneer Fusion Grill makes fresh strawberries the star. The icy palate cleanser is a pure distillation of strawberry flavour.