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Buffalo Stone Cafe Review


Neighbourhood:  Fort Whyte
Address:  1961 McCreary Road
Phone:  204-989-8370
Entrees:  $8 – $18

Surrounded by towering trees, grassy fields and a serene lake, the view from Buffalo Stone Café in FortWhyte Alive is as integral to the dining experience as the  wholesome ingredients in the recipes. 

A 30-minute drive from downtown Winnipeg leads adventurers to a breakfast and lunch café housed in 600-acre nature preserve and recreation center, boasting prairie wilderness, trails, nature exhibits and lake activities rotating seasonally.

On sunny days, tableside windows score a view of a shimmering lake alive with action. This backdrop assumes an even bigger role in the autumn as the season’s migration of geese adds a soundtrack of honks, hisses and splashes. 

Nods to the region are reflected in well-crafted dishes designed by Spruce catering chefs (a division of Diversity Food Services) renowned for their commitment to sustainability. An impressive range of robust flavours elevate daytime eating here using few ingredients. 

Casual counter service makes Buffalo Stone Café an easy and quick place to fuel up for a day outdoors. The menu features an all-day breakfast plate of eggs, toast and bacon and popular egg-wich. A variety of pastries and a signature Gunn’s bakery sticky cinnamon bun satisfies a sweet tooth. 

Self-serve soups, such as hearty beef and wild rice, offer a smart start to lunch.  Warmly spiced broth, brimming with meat and nutty wild rice, makes this hearty soup a meal on its own. Tomatoes, corn and sweet potatoes add rich depth. 

A selection of nutritiously dense bowls, spanning from salads to curries, recognize the city’s  diverse population and advancing  palates. Mayo dressed chicken salad, sharpened with onion, tops a medley of fresh greens flecked with cukes, tomatoes and celery. Warm pita triangles round the bowl. 

Chickpea curry is a divine choice whether one is following a vegan diet or not. Silky coconut cream sauce transforms the same veggies into a comfort dish perfect for gravy lovers.  Cumin and turmeric’s perfume quenches hunger before the fork hits the lips. 


Surrounded by towering trees, grassy fields and a serene lake, the view from Buffalo Stone Café in FortWhyte Alive can't be beat. Hearty breakfast and lunch options make this lake-side…

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