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Mac & Cheese

Mac & cheese gets sharpness from local Bothwell Old Cheddar cheese and crunch from a crumbly pretzel topping. Chef Camila Gamboa Marion Street Eatery Ingredients 1 cup canola oil 2…

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Prairie Salad

Prairie salad is a vibrant, texturally intriguing mix of spicy and sweet flavours. Chef Camila Gamboa Marion Street Eatery Ingredients Pickled onions 2 cups water 1 cup white vinegar 1/2…

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Lark Review

Lark Neighbourhood: Exchange District Address: 91 Albert St Email: lark@chewcatering.ca Entrees: $6-$17 Daytime cafes are having a welcome resurgence in Winnipeg and chefs Kyle Lew and Kristen Chemerika's (Chew, Store Next Door) newest venture,…

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Margherita Pizza Focaccia

Margherita pizza focaccia adapts the classic pizza flavour to pillowy focaccia. Be sure to use fresh basil. Chef Roland Gregoire Stella's Café and Bakery Ingredients Focaccia Dough 6 1/3 cups…

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