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Comforting Dumpling Recipes from Winnipeg Chefs

Winnipeg loves dumplings, from the ubiquitous perogy to global offerings like gyoza, wontons and empanadas. When you can’t get out to your favourite restaurant, bring restaurant-style dumplings to you with these recipes from the city’s best chefs.

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Eat well and feel good with these 5 health-boosting recipes

With physical distancing measures in place, we’re relying on pantry staples and sparing grocery runs. But that doesn’t mean waving goodbye to healthy eating. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite recipes from Winnipeg chefs to keep you feeling good with simple ingredients.

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Root vegetable recipes from Winnipeg chefs

Local to the prairies and long lasting, root vegetables have always been a cooking staple. Now more than ever is a perfect time to fall in love with potatoes, carrots and beets. Luckily Winnipeg chefs have been whipping up spectacular dishes featuring root veggies for years. Below we’ve collected our favourite recipes from local restaurants.

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6 recipes to make you love beans

In the midst of stocking up on limited grocery runs, and a need for more people to cook at home, beans have suddenly gained recognition as the all-stars of the pantry. Here are six recipes collected from Winnipeg's best chefs that make great use of legumes of all varieties.

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10 pantry-friendly pasta recipes

Pasta may be the ultimate pantry powerhouse. It's shelf-stable, versatile, and just as easy to whip up for a quick weeknight meal as a long-simmered Sunday supper. We've rounded up ten ways to play with pasta courtesy of Winnipeg's best chefs.

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