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Baked Expectations Review

Baked Expectations 

Neighbourhood: Osborne
Address: 161 Osborne St
Phone: 204-452-5176
Entrées: $9-$16

There are few opportunities to eat dessert before the main course, but such fantasies are satisfied at Baked Expectations. For 35 years, the invitation to “get baked” has been the unwavering welcome to feast on an impressive assortment of delectable desserts and savoury comforts at the popular dessert café.   

The bygone era of the 1950s holds strong appeal to customers of all ages, boldly represented in the spacious interior with retro-chic décor, modeling the classic atomic generation. Black and white tiled flooring lays the foundation to red chairs and sparkling silver vinyl banquettes, against mint walls lined with chalkboard menus. The famous neon sign adds a friendly glow, beckoning passersby to enter and indulge. Outgoing servers, known for their congeniality, greet diners while wearing black t-shirts bearing Your Happy Place motto.

Baked Expectations owns desserts in this city with the utmost in tortes, cheesecakes, cakes, and pies (oh my!) including classic favourites such as mocha torte, deadly chocolate mousse, and the to-die-for red velvet. However, the chosen classic to dig into is Winnipeg’s iconic shmoo torte: triple layered angel food cake, crushed pecans and fluffy whipped cream, cross-hatched with caramel drizzle. Although the cherry royale cheesecake undeniably epitomizes what cheesecake should be, the dreamy textures of peanut butter chocolate chip cheesecake is a hefty runner up with its heavenly rich flavours.

A steadfast menu of in-house specialties cover the café gamut with salads, sandwiches and such, but the penne pasta is a preferred go-to. Healthy chunks of grilled eggplant and artichokes round out roasted red peppers and sun-dried tomatoes.

Those seeking an optimal vegetarian burger shall look no further with a tasty and substantial wild rice patty. Switch to a side of veg fries that comes generously portioned with diced red and green peppers, smothered in cheddar cheese, and a side of sour cream.

The ‘We Love Kids!’ section of the menu includes relatable items like PB&J and grilled cheese, sure to please choosy eaters.