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Confusion Corner Drinks + Food Review


Neighbourhood: Corydon
Address: 500 Corydon Ave
Phone: 204-284-6666
Entree: $14-$30

Since opening in the early noughties, Confusion Corner Drinks + Food (formerly Confusion Corner Bar and Grill) has established itself as a cozy neighbourhood favourite, serving crowd-pleasing food with global perspective. Now nearly twenty years later, this local gastropub has had a stylish refresh, swapping faded sports bar vibes for sultry interiors akin to the fashionable lounges found in New York’s trendiest districts.

An aquatic teal fireplace separates the bar from the restaurant, and granite tables, velvet seating and industrial lighting give a contemporary feel to the exposed brick space.

Though the interior is all shiny and new, the menu has thankfully remained mostly untouched. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. For starters, Greek calamari with a tangy housemade tzatziki is a no-brainer. Olives and zesty cherry tomatoes mingle with a generous heap of crisp calamari and red onion. Next up, an elegant plate of torched tuna – almost too pretty to touch – impresses. Charcoal chips play nicely against buttery sushi-grade tuna topped with cilantro, jalapeno and picled onion, adding a hit of smokiness to refreshing flavours. A dollop of sesame mayo gives each bite just enough creaminess.

In step with new-school cooking at contemporary watering holes, Confusion Corner pulls inspiration from across the globe. Menu standouts meld punchy flavours from Asia and a veggie-forward mindset infuses new life into the phrase “bar food.”

Colourful veggies surround a mound of coconut rice like a wreath, attracting oohs and aahs from around the table. There are bold flavours to match the pretty presentation; this Thai cashew bowl radiates heat from spicy peanut sauce balanced by sweet and sticky coconut rice. Crisped ginger beef, another veg-filled bowl, is an unassuming standout, nailing that perfect balance of sweet and savoury.

All that is classic is not lost, however. A tall take on tradition sprung from New York diners, the Reuben sandwich blends melty Swiss cheese, slow roasted, juicy brisket and housemade sauerkraut between toasty marble rye, all smothered in special sauce. Paired with a rather large side of well-seasoned fries (no complaints here), it’s a shining example of simple comfort food done right.


Since opening in the early noughties, Confusion Corner Food and Drinks (formerly Bar and Grill) has established itself as a cozy neighbourhood favourite, serving crowd-pleasing food with global perspective. Now nearly…

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