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The Frenchway Review


Neighbourhood:  Corydon
Address:  238 Lilac Street
Phone:  204-421-9002
Entrees:  $7 – $17

There is nothing quite like the aromatic greeting of a bakery. Wafts of freshly baked bread, brownies and other sugary delights seem to instantly trigger cravings for something sweet and a hot steaming beverage to pair it with. This sensual seduction awaits guests at The Frenchway bakery café, luring foodsters with its French leanings. 

Small indulgences like miniature St. Honoré, lemon tarts and creamy éclairs win us over with spun caramelized sugar, perfectly swirled meringue and slick chocolate icing. Equally desirable, if not as fancifully French, butter tarts and brownies bless those seeking comfort in something more homestyle. 

Beyond the glass encased pastries, the kitchen turns out a complete roster of savoury meals for day dining. The natural beauty of an all-day cross-over menu is its inherent approval of our personal sleep habits. Breaking fast mid-afternoon with a bowl of oatmeal or plate of eggs is not weird.

A rotating selection of creative house-made soups (Thai pumpkin is on offer for our visit), salads and sandwiches are fresh and consistent café-crowd pleasers, but venture beyond these staples and discover what makes this hub spot really shine.

Signature oven roasted turkey is the star ingredient piled in a ciabatta bun in one of the city’s best club sandwiches and adds meatiness to a cream sauce filling one of the delicate crêpe selections. Opt for the latter and be treated to luscious brie-infused gravy dotted with cranberries and green onions adding pops of sour to each bite. Bright green asparagus spears and a tangle of sprouts garnish this pretty dish.  

The pharoah’s vacation, a playfully named breakfast, presents a medley of mezze in hot and cold bites. Fluffy hummus, corn salsa, roasted red pepper and zucchini, poached eggs and toast offer a wink and a nod to Middle Eastern fare. Surf benedict features beet cured salmon gravlax topping slices of baguette bathing in house-made hollandaise for a twist on a classic eggs Benny featuring a perfectly poached pair from Nature’s Farms eggs. 

The Frenchway is a tour de force feeding our desire for edible comfort.


Lilac Street bakery and cafe specializes in breakfast and lunch fare. Do dessert right with rich mocha cake or a fruit tartlette. Don't miss this delectable patisserie.

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