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The Best Pizzas in Winnipeg

Forget your old order. Some of the most outstanding pizzas in the city are beautifully blistered and redefine what is on top.

Everyone has a favourite pizza. But even those who have yet to find just the right slice will stumble upon a pie that can’t be beat somewhere in the city thanks to Winnipeg’s multiculturalism, fresh local ingredients and knack for culinary creativity. Whether it’s the inclusion of premium ingredients or a combination of farm-fresh flavours with a signature Manitoban quality, there’s a ‘za somewhere that will tickle every tastebud just right. We’ve curated a list of the best pizza purveyors and their most flavourful and impressive Italian inventions.

Bianco - Bellissimo

Classic Hawaiian pizza is elevated to new heights with the Bianco Pizza from Bellissimo. Grilled pineapple’s sweetness is amped with vanilla and brown sugar. Salty pancetta crisps as it bakes and releases its fat to enrich the crust. It all comes together over a subtle garlic cream sauce, a clever and complimentary substitution for traditional tomato sauce.

Spicy Prawn Pizza - Bonfire Bistro

A meal for kitchen staff ten years ago led to the genesis of this longstanding and popular Bonfire Bistro Spicy Prawn pie that pops with zest and herbaceousness. A wood-fired crust is the vehicle for layers of flavour, like the preserved lemon which adds a concentrated tang and the piquant sriracha which packs a little punch.

Cauliflower Crust Pizza - Cafe 22

The pervasiveness of plant-based diets ensures Cauliflower Crust Pizza is more than a fad, and Café 22‘s on-point execution satisfies the tastebuds as well as diet restrictions. A medley of sweet roasted vegetables and artichoke hearts is sweetened by a drizzle of balsamic glaze, while mild fior di latte oozes atop this veggie delight.

Broccolini Pizza - Harth

It takes hours for the wood-burning oven at Harth to reach its optimal 900-degree temperature, but the resulting fast-fired Neapolitan pizzas possess a distinctly crunch crust and slight, smoky char. Try the Broccolini Pizza–sweet, earthy broccolini plays in heavenly contrast with the slight spice of chili flakes and a rich créme fraîche sauce.

Menno Pizza - Hildegard's Bakery

Inspired by a traditional Mennonite borscht, the Menno Pizza from Hildegard’s Bakery employs a creamy sauce and pops of fresh dill to brighten its hearty, rustic notes. Farmer’s sausage and beets give the pie a distinct farm-to-table feel and the bakery’s signature sourdough gives the crust its distinct taste.

Slavo Nova - Nicolino's

Beloved tastes are brought into the 21st century with culinary creativity at Nicolino‘s. On this contemporary-meets-classic Slavo Nova pie, a bundle of briny ingredients–pickled eggplant, jalapeños, artichoke hearts and sun-dried tomatoes–combine elements of sour, sweet and salt, while Italian sausage brings a little heat.

Margherita Pizza - Red Ember Common

Stunning in its simplicity and flavour, a handful of fresh ingredients result in a rich pizza with punches of herbaceous basil. A favourite the world over, this Margherita Pizza is taken up a notch by the Red Ember Common‘s use of raw honey sourced locally from Phil’s Honey, though any honey will do.


Intimate environment to share specialty pizzas on New-York style crust. Parcel Pizza‘s one size only pies (16”) encourages sharing and taste-testing more novel topping combos like sage seasoned acorn squash, miso and maple-kissed candied bacon and herbs. Go for the Tony Serrano, brimming with the namesake peppers and hot honey drizzle.


Sleek interiors give an old-school, New York diner vibe with retro photographs and accents of red and blue. Tommy’s Pizzeria‘s thick Detroit-style pie is a must-try, and its award-winning spicy honey pizza.